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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

 Clogged dryer vents lead to over 15,000 house fires and 30 deaths per year.

Only cleaning your dryer lint trap is not enough to prevent clogged dryer vents. When you clean your lint trap you’re leaving behind up to 40% of the lint that was collected in a single cycle. The lint will begin to clog your dryer vent systems.

Reduce the risk of fires

More than 15,000 fires are sparked by clothes dryers every year. Lint can build up in your dryer vent, reducing air flow, backing up dryer exhaust gases, creating a fire hazard.

Save on energy costs

By improving the efficiency of your dryer you will be reducing the time spent drying your clothes, putting money back into your wallet and extending the life of your dryer.

Speed up drying cycles

A dryer is designed to push out the hot moist air for clothing to dry. If your vent is blocked by lint, the air will stay in your dryer keeping your clothes hot and moist.

Did you know?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends to have dryer vents inspected at least once a year to reduce the risk of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Signs that your Dryer Vents are Clogged


Takes more than one cycle to dry clothes


Lint Collecting and/or Blowing Behind Dryer


Burn Odor Coming from Dryer


Dryer to Hot to the Touch


Extra Humidity and Heat in Laundry Room



Dryer Heat Examiniation

Workforce Solutions cleaning technician will take the first of two airflow readings from the dryer’s outside vent.


Dryer Vent High Speed Brushing

We will then insert a spinning brush into the entrace of the dryer vent. The brush will spin the entire length of the vent, loosening lint and dirt in the ductwork.

High Pressure Air Flow

Our cleaning technician will then use a highly pressurized air line hose with spinning nozzle to push all lint and dirt out through the outside vent.



The cleaning technician will inspect the outside vent flap to verify it’s properly working and secure


Dryer Heat Examiniation

Finally the cleaning technician will take a second air flow reading from the dryer.


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