Our rotary extraction machine delivers the deepest carpet cleaning available.


Our Rotary Extractor Delivers Cleaner Carpet

“Wow! I’ve never seen a carpet cleaning machine like that before…” We’ve gotten used to our new clients making that very comment the first time they see us clean their carpets. Workforce Solutions uses a rotary carpet cleaning extractor that is sure to deliver cleaner carpets and a reduce drying time. Our new counter rotating brush and rotary extractor combo will provide you with the deepest carpet cleaning you’ve ever had or it’s free!

Why Use a Rotary Extractor?

  • Up to 1000 cleaning strokes per minute – much more than the conventional back and forth wand.
  • Faster drying times – Not only does it remove dirt quicker but it digs deep into the carpet allowing it to extract more moisture from your carpets. Get back to your regular schedule with faster drying carpets.
  • Works great on all kinds of problem areas – From stains to high traffic areas, the rotary extractor will cut through these problem areas like a hot knife through butter.
  • Lifts embedded soils, from pet dander to pollen, our rotary extractor will remove it all.

How Clean are the Carpets in Your Home?

The carpets in your home act as a giant air filter, trapping dust and soils. Workforce Solution’s rotary extractor will break up and remove the deeply embedded containment found in your carpet. We will leave the carpets in your home smelling fresher and much cleaner. Go ahead and enjoy the carpets in your home again, Workforce Solutions for the deepest cleaning possible.


We aim to provide the highest possible standard of service. Some of the most successful property management companies, businesses and Eagle County residents have trusted us to keep their properties clean and looking beautiful. See what some of them have to say about us!

“Definitely recommend Workforce Solutions for all cleaning needs! They did our carpets a couple weeks ago and they look great! Thank you so much.”

LJ Valdez

Edwards Tenant

“Arrived precisely at appointment time. Did a fantastic job at getting my carpet traffic areas clean. The carpet looks totally new. They were very pleasant and business-like.”

Bobi Salzman

Eagle Homeowner

“Workforce Solutions handles my rental home in Avon & we couldn’t ask for a more professional, knowledgeable company for all our carpet and tile cleaning. Thanks guys!”

Jimmy Hitt

Avon Homeowner


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